Online Shopping Trends in India 2012: Shopping Trends 2012

Shopping Online trends in India 2012:

Online shopping is growing steadily for the past years. With the advancement and increase in the total percentage of people with computer skills in India, shopping websites online are making it into a successful future. A years ago, when online shopping was at its stage of evolution, not only limited sales in the field of online shopping. But over time, this situation has improved and people have started to gain confidence in shopping online.

Some trends in online shopping are:

1.In the near future, at least 80 out of 100 Indian consumers will make online purchases.

2· If you look at the current scenario, then, more than a quarter show that consumers spend 11% of their monthly purchases costs in online shopping.

3· Some of the Indians rely on the advice of your family when making a purchase decision online. Advice of his friends are 64 percent and product reviews online by 29 percent.

4· Almost half of consumers in India and the confidence to use social networks to help them make buying decisions online.

5· When buying consumer
electronics, software and other items, users rely solely on online reviews and opinions.

6. All
shopping websites online provide detailed product information for consumer convenience so you can select the option that suits your needs.

7. One of the key benefits of shopping online is that you can access 24x7 and consumers can buy anywhere anytimefrom. This is good for customers who are seasoned travelers and have a busy schdule or not have time to shop in a mall.
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